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Typical Applications

  • Extreme climate conditions
  • UAV ground stations
  • Military facilities, harbours & command centres
  • Main & forward operating bases
  • Marine security
  • Mobile observation stations
  • Mission analysis, intelligence/operational briefings, training & simulation

Product Differentials

Video Standards

Video Resolution

Rate at full D1
Up to 50/60 fps per input

Video Displays
Picture adjustable size and number

Multiscreen Displays
1, 4, 9, 16 and customisable layouts

Still Image

Record types
Continuous, schedule, motion, alarm, event and digital input trigger

Rugged Servers

A Range of high spec Servers with Multiple Analogue and IP Inputs

Our Rugged Servers have been developed to accommodate the very latest in video recording software and hardware processing technologies. Housed within an extremely rugged rack-mountable chassis, it is designed to meet the demands of operating in the harshest of environments.

The simple drag and drop functionality enables users to create unique multi-display preferences whilst offering an extremely fast search facility enabling almost instant review of recorded images from any incident.

Storage is maintained on shock mounted hard drives which can be organised into various RAID configurations. The video can be encrypted and watermarked if required. The Wavestore remote monitoring software allows users to securely monitor real-time images or retrieve recorded video over the network. Multiple servers can be configured into a server group to support large and distributed video surveillance applications.

Specific or bespoke requirements can be accommodated upon request.