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  • Land-based military vehicles: for combat, patrol and reconnaissance
  • Extreme climate conditions
  • UAV ground & airborne stations
  • Fixed or mobile weapons systems
  • Fast jets, helicopters & cargo/support aircraft
  • Military facilities, harbours, command centres & main/forward operating bases
  • Marine security & fast observation boats
  • Mobile observation stations
  • Mission analysis, intelligence/operational briefings, training & simulation


Video Resolution
QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, D, HD720, HD1080, VGA, Megapixel, custom

Rate at full D1
Up to 50/60 fps per input

Inputs Channels
Up to 24

Compression Formats
H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG, MxPEG & Wavelet

Designed to meet:
DEF-STAN 00-35 & 
DEF-STAN 59-411 
Land Class A 

Up to 2x Internal Solid State HDDs
Up to 1TB per disk
Up to 3x quick-release rugged USB drives 

'Other' Network DVR (IP Inputs)

Accepting up to 16 inputs from IP Video Cameras

This product is currently under development and will be available for purchase soon. Please register your interest today by emailing us at:

Our Military NVR has been developed to accommodate the very latest in video recording software and hardware processing technologies. Housed within an extremely rugged, small footprint, mobile unit, it is designed to meet the demands of military personnel operating in the harshest of environments.

Our Military NVR will accept and record IP and 360° cameras concurrently. The standard product accepts up to 16 IP streams (subject to network performance and systems architecture) where image rates and resolutions are set as required. Video data can be processed using a choice of compression algorithms, including H.264, MxPEG, MPEG-4 and MJPEG.  Storage is maintained on internal solid state hard drives with a rapid-removable looped USB storage option. The simple drag and drop function enables users to create unique multiple display preferences whilst offering an extremely fast search facility enabling almost instant review of recorded images from any incident. 

A variety of interfaces are available including USB, VGA, RS232, RS422 and RS485; password-protected video storage can be accessed via Ethernet or USB. The video can be encrypted and watermarked if required.  Our Military NVR has been designed to also interface with many third party analytics tools using its highly developed SDK.

Specific or bespoke requirements can be accommodated upon request.